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Industrial Hose

    1. Textile Reinforced Air Hose, Rubber HoseHigh pressure rubber air hoses are manufactured with natural and synthetic rubber blends as the cover and high tensile textile cord plies as the reinforcement, which realizes reliable and safe connection between compressors and other equipment.
    1. Heavy Duty Air Hose for Mining and ConstructionHeavy duty air hose, also known as compressed air hose, is specially designed for use in mines, quarries and construction jobs. Safe and efficient transfer of high-temperature air can be easily made using the mining and construction hose. In addition, the special hose construction makes it light, flexible, and easy to handle.
    1. Rubber Brake HoseThese rubber brake hoses are designed for air brake systems on railway equipment and cars. The rubber brake hoses provide a conduit for air flow to build pressure and allow the operator to effectively engage the braking system.
    1. Structure: textile cord and steel wire
      Application: aircraft refueling
      Size: 32-102mm
      Working Pressure: 10bar -20bar
    1. Our NR rubber hoses are extensively used for irrigation, material delivery and other applications. Thanks to the natural rubber's characteristics of abrasion resistance, light weight and strong flexibility, this rubber hose offers easy operation and convenient storage.
    1. EPDM radiator hose is made from strong EPDM rubber that features exceptional heat resistance, making it suitable for various applications requiring hot water such as vehicle heating and cooling systems. The smooth black EPDM rubber tube is resistant to many mild chemicals, glycol based anti-freeze solutions and most corrosion inhibitors.
    1. Rubber Water Discharge HoseThe rubber water discharge hose features flexible design, which is used for moving volumes of water, wastewater, non-corrosive solutions, or other fluids. This rubber hoses are available in various sizes, and can be manufactured with different materials to suit a wide range of applications.
    1. Rubber Water Suction and Discharge HoseRubber water suction and discharge hose is made using various rubber blends, which is optional with a wide range of specifications for use in construction, mining, agricultural and industrial applications.
    1. Layflat Water Discharge Hose, Rubber Water HoseTube: NR & SBR synthetic rubber, available in black or customized color Reinforcement: High tensile textile cord Cover: NR & SBR synthetic rubber, smooth or wrapped surface, available in black, yellow, red or customized color
    1. Hot Water and Steam HoseThe rugged construction of the industrial hoses makes them suitable for all sorts of steam transfer operations in places like chemical plants, refineries, shipyards and other demanding industrial environments.
    1. 150 PSI Water Suction and Discharge HoseWater suction and discharge hoses are commonly applied in refineries, factories, mines, construction and agricultural operations.
    1. 225 PSI Water Suction and Discharge HoseThese water hoses are suitable for a variety of different industrial applications such as for refineries, factories, mines and construction.
    1. Hydraulic Oil Delivery Hose, Rubber HoseThe fuel oil hose is widely used for delivering petroleum products with aromatic content less than 20% in mechanical equipment hydraulic system, return pipeline, engineering vehicles, etc.
    1. Rubber Oil Suction and Delivery HoseThe rubber oil suction and delivery hose features good oil mist resistance, high flexibility, and long service life, which is specially used for the suction and delivery of petroleum products with aromatic content up to 20%.
    1. R4 Oil Suction and Delivery HoseThe R4 reinforced oil hose is used for the suction and delivery of hydraulic fluids, such as glycols, mineral oils, lubricants, emulsion, hydrocarbons.
    1. SAE 100R6 Hydraulic HoseOur SAE 100R6 hydraulic hose is a light weight hydraulic system component that is specially designed for oil suction and discharging of various petroleum products that do not exceed a maximum of 20% aromatic content.
    1. Fuel and Diesel Delivery HoseDesigned with copper wire, the fuel and diesel delivery hose can be manufactured in antistatic version. This rubber hose is used for handling diesel fuel oil and other petroleum products.
    1. Fuel and Diesel Oil Suction and Delivery HoseThe oil suction and delivery hose is designed with copper wire, can be produced in antistatic version. This oil hose is suitable for the suction and delivery of diesel fuels, gasoline, and other petroleum products with aromatic content higher than 50%.
    1. Heavy Duty Rubber Oil Suction and Delivery HoseDesigned with copper wire, the heavy duty oil suction and delivery hose is characterized by antistatic electricity and good resistance to vacuum. Suitable for connecting with tank trucks, this heavy duty oil hose is widely used for delivering various petroleum products with aromatic content higher than 50%.
    1. 150Psi Oil, Fuel and Diesel HoseOur 150 PSI oil, fuel and diesel hoses come in three different types, oil discharge hoses, oil suction hoses and oil suction and discharge hoses.
    1. 225Psi Oil / Fuel / Diesel Suction and Discharge HoseThe 225 psi oil/ fuel/ diesel suction and discharge hose is intended for application on trucks, docks and barges for light, easily handled petroleum transportation.
    1. Tank Truck HoseOur tank truck hoses are manufactured in 150/250/500psi models. These petroleum transportation hoses are heavy duty products that can handle all of the harsh working conditions they may be exposed to.
    1. Rubber Heavy Duty Sandblast Hose The heavy duty sandblast hose is specially designed for transferring materials with high resistance to sand and other abrasive materials in construction, shipyards, power plants, etc. This rubber material handling hose can be made with different constructions to adapt to various severe applications.
    1. Dry Cement Discharge Hose The cement hose is made with NR/BR blends, which features superior abrasion resistance. It’s used for transferring cement or dry powder under low pressure.
    1. Rubber Bulk Material Handling Hose With abrasion resistance index of 50-70mm3, the rubber material handling hose conforms to ISO 4649. This heavy duty rubber hose features antistatic electricity, superior abrasion resistance, and smooth flow during conveying, making it suitable for use in the transfer of dry bulk materials including sand, gravel, fertilizers, lime.
    1. Rubber Steam Hose Steam rubber hose is manufactured with EPDM rubber, which is suitable for standard steam applications up to 7 bar. It’s recommended for cleaning, thawing, heat control, fire prevention, etc.
    1. Rubber Radiator Hose Rubber radiator hose is designed for water transfer in engine cooling system. The hose can be available in length of 1m and 1.2m. Customized length can be made upon request.
    1. The anti-vibration rubber hose is manufactured with high quality EPDM rubber. The vulcanized EPDM rubber hose is designed with carbon steel flanges on two ends. The flange surface can be treated with powder coating or galvanizing upon request.

Zebung industrial hoses are versatile hosing options that are designed for conveying liquids, solids and gases. Industrial hoses are subjected to all kinds of wear and tear during their use. Rubber hoses will be coiled, run over and kinked all in the span of a normal work day and it is extremely important that they can take this abuse and continue to do their job. Selection of proper hosing solutions will improve performance and ensure workplace safety.

Industrial hoses is used for three purposes
1. To transfer gases, liquids, solids and mixtures.
2. As a flexible connector to absorb shocks and vibrations.
3. As a conduit to protect other hoses, pipes and wires.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you by providing custom designed and custom built industrial hoses that meet your specific requirements.