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Industrial Hose

    1. General Purpose Air / Water HoseOur general purpose air/water hoses are engineered for medium to heavy duty applications that require the conveyance of air or water.
      Reinforcement: High tensile textile cord with helical steel wire.
    1. Hot Water and Steam HoseThe rugged construction of the industrial hoses makes them suitable for all sorts of steam transfer operations in places like chemical plants, refineries, shipyards and other demanding industrial environments.
    1. Rubber Brake HoseThese rubber brake hoses are designed for air brake systems on railway equipment and cars. The rubber brake hoses provide a conduit for air flow to build pressure and allow the operator to effectively engage the braking system.
    1. 150 PSI Water Suction and Discharge HoseWater suction and discharge hoses are commonly applied in refineries, factories, mines, construction and agricultural operations.
    1. 225 PSI Water Suction and Discharge HoseThese water hoses are suitable for a variety of different industrial applications such as for refineries, factories, mines and construction.
    1. SAE 100R3 Hydraulic HoseThe SAE 100R3 hydraulic hose is engineered for light weight oil suction and discharging as part of a hydraulic system. These petroleum hoses can also be used for the transportation of oil based materials with a maximum 20% aromatic content.
    1. SAE 100R6 Hydraulic HoseOur SAE 100R6 hydraulic hose is a light weight hydraulic system component that is specially designed for oil suction and discharging of various petroleum products that do not exceed a maximum of 20% aromatic content.
    1. 150Psi Oil, Fuel and Diesel HoseOur 150 PSI oil, fuel and diesel hoses come in three different types, oil discharge hoses, oil suction hoses and oil suction and discharge hoses.
    1. 225Psi Oil / Fuel / Diesel Suction and Discharge HoseThe 225 psi oil/ fuel/ diesel suction and discharge hose is intended for application on trucks, docks and barges for light, easily handled petroleum transportation.
    1. Tank Truck HoseOur tank truck hoses are manufactured in 150/250/500psi models. These petroleum transportation hoses are heavy duty products that can handle all of the harsh working conditions they may be exposed to.
    1. Sandblast Rubber HoseOur sandblast rubber hoses are engineered for the delivery of quartz and metal sand that can be used for polishing, rust removal and surface abrasion applications.
    1. Dry Cement Delivery HoseZebung dry cement delivery hoses feature abrasion resistant tubes that are manufactured using the highest quality elastomer compounds to greatly extend their working lives.
    1. Slurry / Mud HoseOur slurry/ mud hoses are heavy duty material handling hoses that can withstand the heavy abuse that goes along with moving abrasive and viscous materials.
    1. Plaster / Concrete HoseThese plaster/ concrete hoses are high pressure pump components designed to pump concrete and other thick, abrasive mixtures such as plaster and wet cement at a pressure up to 800 psi.
    1. 150psi UHMWPE Chemical HoseUHMWPE tube is used for the manufacturing of these chemical hoses because of its inert nature and ability to withstand acidic and other harsh chemicals.
    1. 200psi Corrugated UHMWPE Chemical HoseThe 200psi corrugated UHMWPE chemical hose is a high pressure pump component that can handle 98% of all chemicals. The corrugated UHMWPE tube allows for incredible flexibility during operation without fear of kinking.
    1. 150psi UHMWPE Food HoseThe 150psi UHMWPE food hose features a tube and cover that is specially designed for food transportation. Making it suitable for handling all sorts of food and potable water transference applications.
    1. 200psi Corrugated UHMWPE Food HoseThe UHMWPE tube is inert and will not break down even when it is exposed to corrosive materials that can sometimes be found in certain food products.
    1. Our LPG/ LNG rubber hoses are suitable for use with liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gases.
      Cover: CR, electrically conductive, abrasion resistant, oil and weather resistant, cloth impression.

Zebung industrial hoses are versatile hosing options that are designed for conveying liquids, solids and gases. Industrial hoses are subjected to all kinds of wear and tear during their use. Rubber hoses will be coiled, run over and kinked all in the span of a normal work day and it is extremely important that they can take this abuse and continue to do their job. Selection of proper hosing solutions will improve performance and ensure workplace safety.

Industrial hoses is used for three purposes
1. To transfer gases, liquids, solids and mixtures.
2. As a flexible connector to absorb shocks and vibrations.
3. As a conduit to protect other hoses, pipes and wires.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you by providing custom designed and custom built industrial hoses that meet your specific requirements.