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Industrial Fluid Rubber Hose

Our industrial hoses are versatile hosing options that are designed for conveying liquids, solids, and gases. Subjected to all kinds of wear and tear during their use, rubber hoses will be coiled, run over, and kinked all over the span of a normal workday, and it is extremely important that they can take this abuse and continue to do their job. Our industrial hoses offer durable solutions suitable for transferring a wide range of substances, ensuring efficient operation and workplace safety.

    1. Air HoseAir hoses play a crucial role in industrial operations, serving as conduits for compressed air to power machinery and equipment. We provide a wide range of air hoses tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries.
    1. Water Suction and Discharge HoseThese hoses are versatile solution designed for various industries, including construction, mining, agriculture, and industrial applications. Its flexible design allows for seamless vacuuming (suction) or pumping (discharge) of water and other fluids from one location to another.
    1. Water Suction and Discharge Hose with FlangeThe rubber hose with flange features excellent elasticity, high compressive strength, and resistance to aging. It can withstand high pressure and large volume fluid transport, ensuring the safe and stable conveyance of water.
    1. Water Discharge HoseThe rubber water discharge hose is characterized by its excellent flexibility, high-pressure resistance, and resistance to aging, ensuring reliable and stable water transportation. With the ability to withstand high pressures and large volumes, these hoses guarantee the safe and efficient conveyance of water.
    1. Diesel/Gasoline Discharge HoseOur diesel/gasoline discharge hose is expertly crafted using durable oil-resistant rubber for both the inner and outer layers, ensuring exceptional resistance to oil and strong adhesion between layers, preventing delamination.
    1. Diesel/Gasoline Suction and Discharge HoseDiesel and gasoline rubber hoses are widely utilized in petroleum product delivery systems in industries such as gas stations, oil tankers, petrochemicals, and ports. They are designed to transport various types of petroleum products, including diesel and gasoline.
    1. Aircraft Refueling HoseThe aircraft refueling hose, designed for aircraft refueling operations, boasts a robust structure comprising textile cord and steel wire. Available in sizes ranging from 32mm to 102mm, and with a working pressure of 10 to 20 bar, it meets rigorous safety standards.
    1. Hydraulic Oil Discharge HoseThe Hydraulic oil discharge hose plays a vital role in transporting hydraulic oil and is widely used in the return oil systems of machinery, construction vehicles, and various industrial sectors.
    1. Hydraulic Oil Suction and Discharge HoseThe Hydraulic oil suction and discharge hose is a vital component designed to efficiently handle the suction and delivery of hydraulic fluids, including glycols, mineral oils, lubricants, emulsions, and hydrocarbons.
    1. Hydraulic Oil Suction and Discharge Hose with FlangeHydraulic Oil Suction and Discharge Hose with Flange, known for its large diameter and flange connection, is designed for the efficient transportation of hydraulic oil in various industrial applications.
    1. R4 Oil HoseThe R4 oil hose stands as a reliable solution for fluid transfer applications, boasting a robust construction designed to withstand demanding conditions. Crafted with high-quality materials, its inner tube features black oil-resistant synthetic rubber, ensuring efficient oil delivery.
    1. R6 Oil HoseOur R6 hydraulic hose is a light weight hydraulic system component that is specially designed for oil suction and discharging of various petroleum products that do not exceed a maximum of 20% aromatic content.
    1. Sandblast HoseThe heavy-duty wear hose, also known as a sandblast hose, is meticulously crafted to facilitate the transfer of materials highly resistant to sand and other abrasive substances.
    1. Mud Suction HoseThe mud suction hose is specially designed with reinforced steel wire structure, making it resistant to collapse during suction. This feature makes it widely used in river management and marine engineering, where it effectively cleans and transports bottom mud, sand, and other materials.
    1. Material Discharge HoseThe material conveying hose finds extensive use in industries such as mining, metallurgy, chemical, and construction materials. It is primarily employed for transporting materials like coal, iron ore, steel, cement, sand, and gravel, serving as a durable alternative to traditional metal or glass pipelines.
    1. Material Suction and Discharge HoseWith abrasion resistance index of 50-70mm3, the rubber material handling hose conforms to ISO 4649. This heavy duty rubber hose features antistatic electricity, superior abrasion resistance, and smooth flow during conveying, making it suitable for use in the transfer of dry bulk materials including sand, gravel, fertilizers, lime.
    1. NR Rubber HoseOur NR rubber hoses are extensively used for irrigation, material delivery and other applications. Thanks to the natural rubber's characteristics of abrasion resistance, light weight and strong flexibility, this rubber hose offers easy operation and convenient storage.
    1. Steam and Hot Water Delivery HoseHot water and steam hoses are suitable for the conveyance of high temperature water and steam for automobile, cleaning and cooling applications.
    1. Steam and Hot Water Delivery HoseThe hose is made of EPDM rubber for both the inner and outer layers, with excellent heat resistance and aging properties. It is lightweight and easy to operate, suitable for long-term use in various working conditions.
    1. Radiator HoseThis hose is utilized in the radiator systems of automobiles, connecting the radiator to the engine's water pipes, facilitating the transfer of coolant and reducing water temperature.
    1. Phosphoric Acid HoseThis hose features an inner rubber with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and abrasion. Additionally, the joints are covered with rubber to prevent corrosion of metal joints, allowing for the long-term conveyance of phosphoric acid paste.
    1. Isolation HoseThe anti-vibration rubber hose is manufactured with high quality EPDM rubber. The vulcanized EPDM rubber hose is designed with carbon steel flanges on two ends. The flange surface can be treated with powder coating or galvanizing upon request.