Isolation Hose

The anti-vibration rubber hose is manufactured with high quality EPDM rubber. The vulcanized EPDM rubber hose is designed with carbon steel flanges on two ends. The flange surface can be treated with powder coating or galvanizing upon request. This hose is able to effectively absorb vibration, noise and displacement due to pipe expansion/contraction, as well as noise. In addition, it’s highly resistant to heat, oil, corrosion, acid, ageing, etc.

  • Inner tube: EPDM rubber (tensile strength ≥13MPa)
  • Reinforcement: Textile cord braided
  • Outer cover: EPDM rubber (tensile strength ≥13MPa)
  • Appearance: Smooth
  • Working temperature: -40°C to 150°C
  • Safety factor: 4:1
  • Color: Black
  • Ensures quality and reliability.
  • Crafted using superior quality EPDM rubber for maximum performance and durability.
  • Exhibits excellent elastic deformation and load-bearing capacity, meeting industry standards for resilience and strength

The isolation hose is designed for various applications requiring vibration and noise reduction, as well as displacement compensation due to lateral and angular movements. It finds suitability in supply lines within pumps, cooling units, air conditioning equipment, plumbing, and drainage systems in buildings, ensuring stable and efficient operation.

Technical Characteristics

ID WP Length
mm inch bar m
64 2-1/2" 5~20 1~3
76 3" 5~20 1~3
102 4" 5~20 1~3
127 5" 5~20 1~3
152 6" 5~20 1~3
203 8" 5~20 1~3
254 10" 5~20 1~3
304 12" 5~20 1~3

Technical Characteristics

Item Index
Air tightness at room temperature No leakage occurs when holding 10 minutes under working pressure at room temperatures.

Air tightness at low temperatures Pressure drop should be less than 10kPa/min when holding 30 minutes under working pressure at -40°C temperature.
Test pressure ≧1.5 times the nominal working pressure
Burst pressure ≧3 times the nominal working pressure

Adhesion between layers
3.0kN/m between tube layer and reinforcement layer;
2.6kN/m between cover layer and reinforcement layer

Note: Other parameters are available upon request.

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