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Our company provides a diverse array of reliable rubber hoses meticulously engineered to meet a wide range of industrial requirements. Whether it's for marine applications or chemical handling, our hoses are designed with a focus on reliability, durability, and top-notch performance.

Our dedication lies in delivering a versatile range of dependable rubber hoses, each meticulously crafted to fulfill diverse industrial needs. From the rigors of marine environments to the demands of industrial applications and the challenges posed by chemical handling, our hoses stand out for their reliability, durability, and exceptional performance. Whether you require marine hoses for offshore operations, industrial hoses for heavy-duty applications, or specialized hoses for chemical transfer, we have the solution to meet your requirements. The main product ranges of the our company are marine hoses,

    1. Floating HoseOur expertise lies in crafting marine floating hoses that guarantee smooth offshore operations. Backed by years of experience, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering dedication to quality, we ensure that our floating hoses deliver reliability, durability, and safety across diverse marine applications.
    1. Submarine HoseZebung Rubber Technology offers top-quality submarine hoses designed for reliability and efficiency in underwater applications. Engineered to withstand extreme pressures and harsh conditions, our hoses ensure seamless fluid transfer between offshore installations and underwater pipelines.
    1. Dock Oil Hose / STS HoseThe dock hose is a multi-purpose hose product specially designed for suction and discharge applications. This suction and discharge hose is suitable for connecting with tankers, barges, storage tanks, etc.
    1. Chemical HoseZebung Rubber Technology offers a versatile lineup of chemical hoses designed to handle corrosive liquids and chemicals with ease and safety. Our chemical transfer hose and chemical suction & discharge hose are crafted to handle high aromatic solvents, strong acids, alkalis, and other corrosive materials for a wide range of industrial applications.
    1. Food HoseEnsuring the safe and sanitary transport of food and potable liquids is paramount in the food industry. That's why our food-grade hoses are engineered with precision and care to meet the rigorous standards required for food handling applications.
    1. Air HoseAir hoses play a crucial role in industrial operations, serving as conduits for compressed air to power machinery and equipment. We provide a wide range of air hoses tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries.
    1. Water HoseOur water hoses are essential tools for fluid transfer in diverse industries. With options ranging from lay flat discharge hoses to suction and steam hoses, our products are crafted for durability and reliability in various applications.
    1. Fuel HoseFuel hoses play a critical role in safely and efficiently transporting diesel fuel, gasoline, and other petroleum products in various industrial applications. At Zebung, we offer a diverse range of fuel hoses designed to meet the specific needs of different industries.
    1. Hydraulic Oil HoseHydraulic oil hoses are extensively utilized for transporting petroleum products with aromatic content within various mechanical equipment hydraulic systems, return pipelines, engineering vehicles, and more.
    1. Wear-resistant HoseThe heavy-duty wear hose, also known as a sandblast hose, is meticulously crafted to facilitate the transfer of materials highly resistant to sand and other abrasive substances.
    1. Steam/Hot Water HoseThe tube is made of black EPDM compound synthetic rubber, ensuring excellent resistance to high temperatures and aging.Reinforced with high tensile textile cord and helical steel wire for added strength and durability.The cover is constructed with black EPDM rubber in a wrapped finish, providing weather and abrasion resistance.
    1. Radiator HoseThis hose is utilized in the radiator systems of automobiles, connecting the radiator to the engine's water pipes, facilitating the transfer of coolant and reducing water temperature.
    1. Phosphoric Acid HoseThis hose features an inner rubber with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and abrasion. Additionally, the joints are covered with rubber to prevent corrosion of metal joints, allowing for the long-term conveyance of phosphoric acid paste.
    1. Isolation HoseThe anti-vibration rubber hose is manufactured with high quality EPDM rubber. The vulcanized EPDM rubber hose is designed with carbon steel flanges on two ends. The flange surface can be treated with powder coating or galvanizing upon request.
    1. Floating Dredge HoseA single foam floating layer prevents water absorption. The hose emergence above the water is not less than 20% of the total volume.
      Custom flanges available.
    1. Discharge Dredge HoseOur discharge dredge hose is used for port and dock discharging of seawater, silt, sand and other dredging materials. The discharge hose features excellent stiffness and resistance to external physical damage.
    1. Suction Dredge HoseSuction dredge hoses are designed for silt conveyance dredging operations. The smooth interior of the hoses help prevent clogs and avoids damage from the abrasive materials passing through.