Hydraulic Oil Hose

Hydraulic oil hoses are extensively utilized for transporting petroleum products with aromatic content within various mechanical equipment hydraulic systems, return pipelines, engineering vehicles, and more. Specifically designed for discharging hydraulic oil, they offer reliability and efficiency in fluid transfer operations

    1. Hydraulic Oil Discharge HoseThe Hydraulic oil discharge hose plays a vital role in transporting hydraulic oil and is widely used in the return oil systems of machinery, construction vehicles, and various industrial sectors.
    1. Hydraulic Oil Suction and Discharge HoseThe Hydraulic oil suction and discharge hose is a vital component designed to efficiently handle the suction and delivery of hydraulic fluids, including glycols, mineral oils, lubricants, emulsions, and hydrocarbons.
    1. Hydraulic Oil Suction and Discharge Hose with FlangeHydraulic Oil Suction and Discharge Hose with Flange, known for its large diameter and flange connection, is designed for the efficient transportation of hydraulic oil in various industrial applications.
    1. R4 Oil HoseThe R4 oil hose stands as a reliable solution for fluid transfer applications, boasting a robust construction designed to withstand demanding conditions. Crafted with high-quality materials, its inner tube features black oil-resistant synthetic rubber, ensuring efficient oil delivery.
    1. R6 Oil HoseOur R6 hydraulic hose is a light weight hydraulic system component that is specially designed for oil suction and discharging of various petroleum products that do not exceed a maximum of 20% aromatic content.