Wear-resistant Hose

    1. Sandblast HoseThe heavy-duty wear hose, also known as a sandblast hose, is meticulously crafted to facilitate the transfer of materials highly resistant to sand and other abrasive substances.
    1. Mud Suction HoseThe mud suction hose is specially designed with reinforced steel wire structure, making it resistant to collapse during suction. This feature makes it widely used in river management and marine engineering, where it effectively cleans and transports bottom mud, sand, and other materials.
    1. Material Discharge HoseThe material conveying hose finds extensive use in industries such as mining, metallurgy, chemical, and construction materials. It is primarily employed for transporting materials like coal, iron ore, steel, cement, sand, and gravel, serving as a durable alternative to traditional metal or glass pipelines.
    1. Material Suction and Discharge HoseWith abrasion resistance index of 50-70mm3, the rubber material handling hose conforms to ISO 4649. This heavy duty rubber hose features antistatic electricity, superior abrasion resistance, and smooth flow during conveying, making it suitable for use in the transfer of dry bulk materials including sand, gravel, fertilizers, lime.
    1. NR Rubber HoseOur NR rubber hoses are extensively used for irrigation, material delivery and other applications. Thanks to the natural rubber's characteristics of abrasion resistance, light weight and strong flexibility, this rubber hose offers easy operation and convenient storage.