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Marine Hose

    1. Floating HoseThese floating hoses are designed for the transportation of crude oil and liquid petroleum products between loading and unloading vessels at offshore moorings systems.
    1. Submarine HoseThe engineering of our marine hoses involves taking into account many factors such as water depth, tide, buoy excursions and wave patterns.
    1. Oil Suction and Discharge HoseHeavy duty oil suction and discharge hoses are dock hoses specifically designed for the transportation of petroleum products to and from tankers, barges and storage tanks.
    1. Floating Dredge HoseA single foam floating layer prevents water absorption. The hose emergence above the water is not less than 20% of the total volume.
      Custom flanges available.
    1. Discharge Dredge HoseOur discharge dredge hose is used for port and dock discharging of seawater, silt, sand and other dredging materials. The discharge hose features excellent stiffness and resistance to external physical damage.
    1. Suction Dredge HoseSuction dredge hoses are designed for silt conveyance dredging operations. The smooth interior of the hoses help prevent clogs and avoids damage from the abrasive materials passing through.
    1. Armoured HoseOur armored hoses are reinforced with HB steel rings and are suitable for dredging operations that involve highly abrasive materials such as cape rock, coral, limestone and other damaging materials.

Zebung produces two categories of marine hoses, offshore hoses and dredge hoses.

Offshore hoses are used for processing petroleum products that contain aromatic hydrocarbons up to 50% concentration. They can be used on docks, ships and other marine engineering locations without fear of leakage.

Dredge hoses are designed for use with dredgers for waterway clean-up operations.

We provide custom designed and custom built marine hoses that can be produced according to your specific requirements.

Offshore marine oil hoses produced according to OCIMF standards
1) Floating hose
2) Submarine Hose
3) Oil suction hose

Dredge Hoses
1) Floating Hose
2) Discharge Dredge Hose
3) Suction Hose
4) Armored Hose

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