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Marine Hose for Oil, NG, and LPG Transfer

Zebung Rubber Technology offers a comprehensive range of marine hoses tailored to meet the diverse needs of commercial applications, such as shipping, fishing, or offshore operations and recreational marine applications, such as boating, yachting, or watersports. Our marine hoses are engineered for reliability with ensured optimal performance even in harsh marine environments. From fuel transfer to bilge pumping, our marine hoses are designed to withstand the rigors of maritime operations. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we provide customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers.. Our marine hoses, including floating hose, submarine Hose, dock Hose, marine oil hose and others. This type of rubber hose can be used for oil, NG, and LPG transfer.

    1. Mainline Floating Hose(for Offshore Moorings)The marine floating hose is specially designed for delivering, handling, storage or transferring crude oil and liquid petroleum products between loading and unloading vessels at offshore mooring systems.
    1. One End Reinforced Half Floating HoseOne end reinforced half floating hose is used for connecting with the single point mooring buoy system or CALM (catenary anchor leg mooring) buoy system to transport crude oil and petroleum fluids between FPSO and tanker.
    1. Tanker Rail Floating HoseInstalled on the ship’s side, tanker rail floating hose is designed for connecting with pipeline end manifolds (PLEMs) of a floating production storage offloading (FPSO) unit.
    1. Reducer Floating HoseReducing floating hose is specially constructed to realize reliable connection of mainline hoses with large diameters and rubber oil hose with small diameters.
    1. Tail Floating HoseTail floating hoses are designed for connecting with tanker rail hoses, which are used for transporting crude oil and liquid petroleum products.
    1. Mainline Submarine Hose with Collars As an important oil hose in the marine industry, the submarine hose is suitable for use in connecting with subsea manifolds, and main submarine pipelines fitted in the hose strings on the single buoy mooring system. This subsea hoses are available with single carcass and double carcass design.
    1. Mainline Submarine Hose without Collars Designed without float collars, the submarine hose is suitable for use in connecting with subsea manifolds, and main submarine pipelines fitted in the hose strings on the single buoy mooring system. Single carcass hose and double carcass hose can be designed and manufactured according to the actual offshore application.
    1. One End Reinforced Submarine Hose with Collars With nearly two decade experience in marine hoses, Zebung is able to design and manufacture the best fitted submarine hoses after taking into consideration many factors such as water depth, tide, buoy excursions and wave patterns. Single carcass hose and double carcass hose with specified specifications can be made.
    1. One End Reinforced Submarine Hose without CollarsDesigned without float collards, the submarine hose features textile reinforced bonded elastomers used as the lining. This one end reinforced subsea hose is used for connecting with the buoy systems, subsea manifolds, etc.
    1. Dock Oil Hose / STS Hosehe dock hose is a multi-purpose hose product specially designed for suction and discharge applications. This suction and discharge hose is suitable for connecting with tankers, barges, storage tanks, etc. to transfer petroleum product.

Zebung produces two categories of marine hoses, offshore hoses and dredge hoses.

Offshore hoses are used for processing petroleum products that contain aromatic hydrocarbons up to 70% concentration. They can be used on docks, ships and other marine engineering locations without fear of leakage.

Dredge hoses are designed for use with dredgers for waterway clean-up operations.

We provide custom designed and custom built marine hoses that can be produced according to your specific requirements.

Offshore marine oil hoses produced according to OCIMF standards
1) Floating hose
2) Submarine Hose
3) Oil suction hose

Dredge Hoses
1) Floating Hose
2) Discharge Dredge Hose
3) Suction Hose
4) Armored Hose