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Floating Hose

    1. Mainline Floating Hose(for Offshore Moorings)The marine floating hose is specially designed for delivering, handling, storage or transferring crude oil and liquid petroleum products between loading and unloading vessels at offshore mooring systems.
    1. Floating Hose, One End Reinforced Half FloatingOne end reinforced half floating hose is used for connecting with the single point mooring buoy system or CALM (catenary anchor leg mooring) buoy system to transport crude oil and petroleum fluids between FPSO and tanker.
    1. Floating Hose, Tanker Rail FloatingInstalled on the ship’s side, tanker rail floating hose is designed for connecting with pipeline end manifolds (PLEMs) of a floating production storage offloading (FPSO) unit.
    1. Floating Hose, Reducing FloatingReducing floating hose is specially constructed to realize reliable connection of mainline hoses with large diameters and rubber oil hose with small diameters.
    1. Floating Hose, Tail FloatingTail floating hoses are designed for connecting with tanker rail hoses, which are used for transporting crude oil and liquid petroleum products.