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Air / Water Hose

    1. Our general purpose air/water hoses are engineered for medium to heavy duty applications that require the conveyance of air or water.
      Reinforcement: High tensile textile cord with helical steel wire.
    1. The rugged construction of the industrial hoses makes them suitable for all sorts of steam transfer operations in places like chemical plants, refineries, shipyards and other demanding industrial environments.
    1. These rubber brake hoses are designed for air brake systems on railway equipment and cars. The rubber brake hoses provide a conduit for air flow to build pressure and allow the operator to effectively engage the braking system.
    1. Water suction and discharge hoses are commonly applied in refineries, factories, mines, construction and agricultural operations.
    1. These water hoses are suitable for a variety of different industrial applications such as for refineries, factories, mines and construction.

Air and water hoses are some of the most common types of industrial hoses and will be found in a whole variety of applications. The inner layer of the air/water hose is constructed from SBR compound synthetic rubber and features a textile cord with a helical steel wire reinforcement layer. The outer layer of the hose is made from black SBR rubber, which is UV resistant. Our water and air hoses are often used in medium and heavy duty projects and they feature high strength, flexibility and long service lives.