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Food Grade Hose

    1. Flexible NBR hose is designed with a smooth white FDA approved nitrile rubber tube, which is suitable for most of food liquids processing applications.
    1. EPDM food rubber hose is specially designed for handling a wide range of liquid food products such as wine and beer, potable water, and fruit juices, as well as milk and milk by-products.

Food transportation requires equipment that must meet strict requirements in order to be qualified to prevent any sort of contamination. Our Food grade hoses feature a tube and cover designed especially for the discharge and transfer of food and potable water. Our food hoses feature a nearly unlimited amount of suitable applications. All of our food handling equipment is resistant to fats, oils and other food items that may be corrosive to certain materials.

1. Food and beverage handling hose
2. Food hose for dry bulk food products
3. Food hose for delivery edible oils

Recommended Cleaning of Food Hose
1. Drain the hose after each use.
2. Flush with water or other cleaning solution.
3. Properly dispose of drained material and cleaning waste.
4. Between uses, store the hose in a clean, dry environment away from sunlight.
5. Avoid cross contamination. Dedicate a hose to handle a specific food material.