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Discharge Dredge Hose

Our discharge dredge hose is used for port and dock discharging of seawater, silt, sand and other dredging materials. The discharge hose features excellent stiffness and resistance to external physical damage.

We supply a wide size range of rubber hoses. The internal diameters (ID) of these hoses include, 34" (900 mm), 20"(500 mm), 16"(400 mm), 12"(300 mm), 10"(250 mm), 8"(200 mm) to 6" (150 mm). Other diameters and special requirements can also be supplied upon request and availability.

Synthetic abrasive resistant rubber with high strength breaker plies coated with high grade synthetic rubber to achieve maximum adhesion of the lining to the hose carcass.

Multiple layers of high tensile reinforcing materials with outstanding resistance to fatigue. Fully embedded steel wire coils are incorporated to achieve kink, crush and local load resistance.

Synthetic rubber, resistant to abrasion, weathering, sea water and oil. The cover, which incorporates reinforcing breaker plies is black with a bright orange spiral stripe or coated in a tough bright orange polyurethane.

1. Ideal working temperature: -25℃ to 80℃
2. Safety factor: 3:1

Size I. D. W.P. Tube Thickness ≥ mm Cover Thickness ≥ mm Length
12inch 300mm 10bar~35bar 10 4 1m~11.8m
16inch 400mm 10bar~35bar 12 5 1m~11.8m
20inch 500mm 10bar~35bar 12 5 1m~11.8m
24inch 600mm 10bar~35bar 20 5 1m~11.8m
26inch 650mm 10bar~35bar 25 5 1m~11.8m
30inch 750mm 10bar~35bar 30 6 1m~11.8m
32inch 800mm 10bar~35bar 32 6 1m~11.8m
34inch 850mm 10bar~35bar 32 6 1m~11.8m

Note: ID900mm & 1200mm, other parameters are available upon request.

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