Submarine Hose

Zebung single carcass submarine hoses are designed for strength and flexibility. The engineering of our marine hoses involves taking into account many factors such as water depth, tide, buoy excursions and wave patterns. The outer coating is resistant to wear caused by aging, stress, abrasion, sunlight oil and sea water.

Standards and Specifications
Our single carcass hoses are designed and produced in full accordance to OCIMF standards. These products are also subjected to manufacturing and testing requirements dictated by ISO 9000:2001 quality standards.

Rated working pressure
The oil hoses have a RWP of at least 15 bar. 19 bar and 21 bar hoses are also available if specified by the customer. They are suitable for operation at an internal pressure from minus 0.85 bar to the RWP.

Flow Velocity
The linings of Zebung submarine hoses are constructed from elastomers and fabrics suitable for continuous operation at a flow velocity of 21m/s.

Resistance to Temperature, Oil products and Aging
The submarine hoses are suitable for use with crude oil and liquid petroleum products from -20℃ to 82℃, and an aromatic hydrocarbon content no greater than 50% by volume.

Electrical Continuity
A low resistance connection will be provide with a copper wire and helix steel wire.

1. Inner layer: NBR compound synthetic rubber
2. Reinforcement: high tensile strength fabrics with helix steel wire
3. Cover: CR synthetic rubber
4. Ideal working temperature: -25 to 82℃
5. Safety factor: 5:1

Size I. D. W.P. Length
6inch 150mm 15bar~20bar 9.1m~12.2m
8inch 200mm 15bar~20bar 9.1m~12.2m
10inch 250mm 15bar~20bar 9.1m~12.2m
12inch 300mm 15bar~20bar 9.1m~12.2m
16inch 400mm 15bar~20bar 9.1m~12.2m
20inch 500mm 15bar~20bar 9.1m~12.2m
24inch 600mm 15bar~20bar 9.1m~12.2m

Note: working pressure 19bar & 21bar, custom parameters are available.

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