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Dock Hose, Marine Oil Hose

The dock hose is a multi-purpose hose product specially designed for suction and discharge applications. This suction and discharge hose is suitable for connecting with tankers, barges, storage tanks, etc. to transfer petroleum product. Ship to shore transfer or ship to ship transfer can be easily realized using the dock hoses.

Tube: NBR
Reinforcement: high tensile strength fabrics with helix steel wire
Cover: NBR, CR
Working temperature: -20℃~82℃
Safety factor: 5:1

1. The dock hose comes with rugged and highly flexible design.
2. Hose cover is resistant to weathering, cutting, oil and corrosion.
3. The marine hose is suitable for transporting fluids with aromatic content higher than 50%.

Technical Parameters

Size Inch Inner Diameter mm Working Pressure bar Length m
6 150 10~20 6~50
8 200 10~20 6~50
10 250 10~20 6~50
12 300 10~20 6~12
16 400 10~20 6~12
20 500 10~20 6~12

Note: Specifications can be made upon request.

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