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Material Handling Hose

    1. Our sandblast rubber hoses are engineered for the delivery of quartz and metal sand that can be used for polishing, rust removal and surface abrasion applications.
    1. Zebung dry cement delivery hoses feature abrasion resistant tubes that are manufactured using the highest quality elastomer compounds to greatly extend their working lives.
    1. Our slurry/ mud hoses are heavy duty material handling hoses that can withstand the heavy abuse that goes along with moving abrasive and viscous materials.
    1. These plaster/ concrete hoses are high pressure pump components designed to pump concrete and other thick, abrasive mixtures such as plaster and wet cement at a pressure up to 800 psi.

Our material handling hoses are designed for both wet and dry material transportation applications. The abrasion resistance on the tube's interior and the outer cover make these rubber hoses highly versatile. Our products include sandblast rubber hoses, dry cement hoses, slurry/mud hoses and plaster/concrete hoses.

Movement of some dry material through rubber or plastic hosing can generate hazardous static electricity.

There are two methods to removing electricity
1. Static conductive stock in the tube or cover.
2. With helical steel wire and copper wire.