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Layflat Water Discharge Hose, Rubber Water Hose

Tube: NR & SBR synthetic rubber, available in black or customized color
Reinforcement: High tensile textile cord
Cover: NR & SBR synthetic rubber, smooth or wrapped surface, available in black, yellow, red or customized color

Temperature Range
-20°C to 80°C

1. Anti-fatigue synthetic rubber
2. Weather and ozone resistant
3. Excellent abrasion resistance
4. The inner layer can be made with high wear-resistant rubber, which can meet various construction sites.
5. Rolls up compactly for easy storage
6. Lightweight yet tough and durable
7. Can be easily extended with hose coupling and clamp.
8. Designed for irrigation, drainage, sprinkle and water supply applications on farmland and construction site.
9. Suitable for light duty watering applications and water rinsing.


  • ISO 9001:2015
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