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Armoured Hose

Our armored hoses are reinforced with HB steel rings and are suitable for dredging operations that involve highly abrasive materials such as cape rock, coral, limestone and other damaging materials. The flexibility and strength of armored hoses are absolutely necessary for dredging projects in order to minimize downtime.

The lining of these armored dredging hoses are made from abrasive resistant synthetic rubber that is reinforced with high strength breaker plies.

The body of the armored hoses is made from high tensile strength rubber that is resistant to fatigue and built in wear rings are made from >450 HB material.

The outer cover features synthetic rubber that is resistant to abrasion, weathering, sea water and oil. The cover of the rubber hose incorporates reinforcing breaker plies that are black with a bright orange spiral stripe or coated in tough bright orange polyurethane.

1. Ideal working temperature: -25℃ to 80℃
2. Safety factor: 3:1

Technical Parameters

Size I. D. W.P. Length
8inch 200mm 10bar~35bar 1m~11.8m
10inch 250mm 10bar~35bar 1m~11.8m
12inch 300mm 10bar~35bar 1m~11.8m
16inch 400mm 10bar~35bar 1m~11.8m
20inch 500mm 10bar~35bar 1m~11.8m
24inch 600mm 10bar~35bar 1m~11.8m
26inch 650mm 10bar~35bar 1m~11.8m
30inch 750mm 10bar~35bar 1m~11.8m
32inch 800mm 10bar~35bar 1m~11.8m
34inch 850mm 10bar~35bar 1m~11.8m

Note: ID900mm & 1200mm, custom parameters are available.

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