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Petroleum Industry

We have developed and manufactured a wide variety of hoses and hose line systems that are intended for use in the petroleum and marine industry. Rubber based hoses for use in oil exploitation, petroleum transport and so on. As the world is increasingly implementing marine oil strategies, the demand for our marine oil hoses continues to grow.

These hoses are manufactured under strict requirements set by the OCIMF. The working temperature of our marine hoses ranges from -20℃ to 82℃ and are rated for materials with an aromatic hydrocarbon content up to 70%.

  • Mainline Submarine Hose without Collars

    Designed without float collars, the submarine hose is suitable for use in connecting with subsea manifolds, and main submarine pipelines fitted in the hose strings on the single buoy mooring system.
  • Rubber Water Discharge Hose

    The rubber water discharge hose features flexible design, which is used for moving volumes of water, wastewater, non-corrosive solutions, or other fluids.
  • One End Reinforced Submarine Hose with Collars

    With nearly two decade experience in marine hoses, Zebung is able to design and manufacture the best fitted submarine hoses after taking into consideration many factors such as water depth, tide, buoy excursions and wave patterns.

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