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  • Petroleum Industry

    We have developed and manufactured a wide variety of hoses and hose line systems that are intended for use in the petroleum and marine industry. Rubber based hoses for use in oil exploitation, petroleum transport and so on. As the world is increasingly implementing marine oil strategies, the demand for our marine oil hoses continues to grow.

  • Dredging Projects

    Zebung rubber dredge hoses are perfectly suited for dredging projects in port construction, land reclamation, submarine mining and a whole range of other applications. Dredge hoses products reached an annual sales mark of 700,000,000 RMB in 2010. Dredging hoses are moving towards the "made in China" ear.

  • Building Projects

    Our full line of rubber hose products including water suction and discharge hoses, slurry/ mud hoses, concrete hoses and others can all be applied to various building projects. These hoses are used for supporting, conveying and jetting cement mortar via spraying machines, as well as for transporting dry cement and other materials.

  • Chemical Industry

    We supply a line of hoses for the chemical industry that are all produced using UHMWPE tubes that are chemically resistant. These rubber hoses can be used as pipelines in chemical applications as well as for conveying solid, liquid and gas materials that may or be abrasive or corrosive.

  • Automotive Industry

    Our automotive industry rubber hoses include our oil return hoses, hydraulic hoses, brake hoses and fuel hoses just to name some. Our auto hoses feature excellent oil resistance, ozone resistance and boast high pulse performance. These professional grade hoses are high performance and durable hosing solutions.

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